Trauma, Addiction, Depression, & Anxiety Specialist Offering Caring, Confidential Psychotherapeutic services.

As a psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience, I assist my clients as they deal with emotional issues related to addiction, trauma, family of origin and other recovery and mental health issues.

As a presenter/facilitator, I have presented on topics such as sexual addiction and sexual trauma, emotional sobriety, trauma and addictions, intimate partner violence, codependency, and experiential therapy.

It is my belief that understanding and identifying patterns of behavior from the past can help clients to release these and create more healthy ways of functioning in the world today. Utilizing experiential therapy, psychodrama and other therapy forms can assist clients by providing tools for continuing recovery.

  • 01.
    What is in your Way?
    Together we clarify issues that are causing emotional pain and distress while building resourceful choices in the way you relate to life issues.
  • 02.
    Services to Clients
    I provide psychotherapy services to groups, individuals and couples as well as presentations on a variety of topics.
  • 03.
    Tools Lasting a Lifetime
    Through the tools gained in therapy, clients will meet current challenges with new awareness and possibilities.